Before we even take on a mandate, we take the time to get to know you and your objectives, and to understand the requirements of all of your stakeholders. No two deals are alike, and so each mandate is personally led by one of our managing directors. This means you benefit from our years of experience, our insights into the market and our global network of contacts. Working collaboratively as part of your team, we will strive to deliver the best possible outcome.

We’re focused on your goals. We’ll work to demystify the process for you, and to anticipate and solve every problem. We’ll be straight with you, explaining every strategy and clarifying every complexity. And we’ll be tenacious in getting to the results you deserve.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Maybe you’ve had an inbound approach to acquire your business, or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to sell. How can you be sure you’ve got the best deal from the right buyer? Our SMART dealmaking process is proven to deliver premium results.

  • Private Equity

    All your wealth tied up in your business? Early shareholders looking for some liquidity? Want cash to make an acquisition, or to enable your management team to buy you out? A private equity transaction could be the answer. FirstCapital can help you find the right partner with the right cultural fit to take your business to the next level.

  • Growth Capital

    Your business is growing well but with additional resources, you could grow even faster. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or developing new products, it takes funding to grow a business. At FirstCapital, we find the right investors to help you reach your potential.

  • Strategic Advice

    A successful transaction is a process, not an event. Many of the most successful deals are the result of several years of execution to a plan. You might need to decide on making a strategic acquisition, developing key relationships or where to focus your growth. Our team of smart dealmakers can help you define where value lies, and set you on the path to achieving your strategic goals.

  • How does FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking connect you with the right buyers?

    How does FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking connect you with the right buyers?

    “They’re strategic, they’re financial and most importantly when you’re trying to close a deal, they’re tenacious.”

  • Why choose FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking?

    Why choose FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking?

    "I would strongly recommend FirstCapital, the time they took to understand our business, understand the target market we could sell into and helped us find a buyer that has given us the potential to scale and operate internationally, and in a much bigger way than we were."

  • What makes FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking effective?

    What makes FirstCapital's SMART Dealmaking effective?

    "I would absolutely recommend FirstCapital; I think they’re an outstanding team. They have huge integrity and loyalty to the people they are working with. They are highly diligent in the way that they transact and make the transactions happen."

Smarter Connections

David Smith discusses his role and how it is pivotal in ensuring that FirstCapital delivers SMART connections for clients.

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  • Software

    Software is reshaping industries on a global basis and is changing the world around us.

  • Internet & Digital Media

    Society is in the midst of profound change, driven by the rise of the internet and mobile communications.

  • Tech Enabled Services

    Technology is transforming markets, and there are abundant opportunities to enable this transformation.