IT infrastructure is rapidly moving from inflexible legacy systems to agile, responsive, feature-led applications delivered on a usage-based model via the cloud. Software solutions are increasingly accessed via multiple devices, by a remote or mobile workforce operating collaboratively. Industries globally are being disrupted, while IoT and the explosion of data are creating huge challenges; and by nature, great opportunities for businesses. Issues such as security, interoperability, intelligence, personalisation, predictive capability and timely decision-making are all key areas of growth right now and in the future.

Software companies are striving to adapt their product portfolio for new revenue opportunities and stronger competitive advantage, and to better service a well-informed and sophisticated customer base. All this change is driving M&A.

FirstCapital has experience and expertise in:

Horizontal applications including:  collaboration tools, supply chain and procurement, logistics, enterprise information management, financial systems, marketing automation, sales tech, business intelligence and analytics, application performance management, cyber security, internet of things, image and speech tech.

Vertical markets including: Education, travel and hospitality, e-commerce, financial services, legal and professional, ecommerce, telecommunications, utilities, automotive, media and publishing, healthcare.


Other Sectors

  • Internet & Digital Media

    Society is in the midst of profound change, driven by the rise of the internet and mobile communications.

  • Tech Enabled Services

    Technology is transforming markets, and there are abundant opportunities to enable this transformation.