All your wealth tied up in your business? Early shareholders looking for some liquidity? Want cash to make an acquisition, or to enable your management team to buy you out?

It may not be the right time to sell, but there are a variety of situations where a private equity transaction with a financial buyer can be the right answer, unlocking value and giving your company the boost it needs to grow. FirstCapital can help you find the right financial partner to take your business to the next level and our experienced negotiators can help you structure the right deal.

From providing liquidity to early shareholders, to bringing new and additional resources to help you grow through acquisition, buyouts can take businesses in new directions and spur on faster growth.

As with any transaction, our investment bankers will help you explore your motivations and goals before moving ahead. And they’ll support you throughout the process – whether you are the acquired or acquiring party.


Other Services

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    You’ve had an inbound approach – or you’ve decided it is time to sell. Our SMART dealmaking process is proven to deliver premium results, ensuring you get the best deal from the right buyer.

  • Growth Capital

    Your business is growing well but with more money to Invest, you could significantly accelerate your growth. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or developing new products, it takes funding to scale a business. At FirstCapital, we find the right investors to help you reach your potential.

  • Strategic Advice

    A successful transaction is a process, not an event – often the result of several years of strategically executing on a plan. You might need to decide on making a strategic acquisition, developing key relationships or where to focus your growth. We can help you define where the most value lies and set you on the path to achieving your strategic goals.