Maybe you’ve had an inbound approach to acquire your business, or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to sell. How can you be sure you’ve got the best deal from the right buyer? Our SMART dealmaking process is proven to deliver premium results.

The first step in the SMART process is strategic positioning. Using our knowledge of the market we will expertly position your business and align your messaging with the key drivers of value, creating compelling documentation and a tailored approach to each of the potential buyers.

A combination of insightful strategic messaging, access to key decision makers, a structured and individually tailored process and experienced negotiators enable us to negotiate deals that satisfy all parties and deliver win-win outcomes. It’s a methodology that’s earned us high success rates and a reputation for delivering exceptional results.


Other Services

  • Private Equity

    Private equity can be the answer to a variety of situations. You'd like some cash, but all your wealth is tied up in the business. Other shareholders are agitating to sell but you'd like to grow the business further. You'd like some cash to grow by acquisition. A private equity transaction could be the answer. FirstCapital will help you find the right partner to take your business to the next level.

  • Growth Capital

    Your business is growing well but with more money to Invest, you could significantly accelerate your growth. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or developing new products, it takes funding to scale a business. At FirstCapital, we find the right investors to help you reach your potential.

  • Strategic Advice

    A successful transaction is a process, not an event – often the result of several years of strategically executing on a plan. You might need to decide on making a strategic acquisition, developing key relationships or where to focus your growth. We can help you define where the most value lies and set you on the path to achieving your strategic goals.