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FirstCapital is an international investment bank. From our offices in London and Silicon Valley, we advise high-growth technology companies on mergers and acquisitions, private equity and growth capital transactions.

We take a different approach to dealmaking – a SMART approach, which is proven to deliver premium results with very high close rates. We’ve sold clients to some of the biggest tech companies in the world and dealt with many of the leading global tech investors. Get in touch to explore whether we would be the right partner for you.

What is Smarter Dealmaking?

What we do

Successful transactions that deliver real value, through our SMART dealmaking framework

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    You’ve had an inbound approach – or you’ve decided it is time to sell. Our SMART dealmaking process is proven to deliver premium results, ensuring you get the best deal from the right buyer.

  • Private Equity

    Private equity can be the answer to a variety of situations. You'd like some cash, but all your wealth is tied up in the business. Other shareholders are agitating to sell but you'd like to grow the business further. You'd like some cash to grow by acquisition. A private equity transaction could be the answer. FirstCapital will help you find the right partner to take your business to the next level.

  • Growth Capital

    Your business is growing well but with more money to Invest, you could significantly accelerate your growth. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or developing new products, it takes funding to scale a business. At FirstCapital, we find the right investors to help you reach your potential.

  • Strategic Advice

    A successful transaction is a process, not an event – often the result of several years of strategically executing on a plan. You might need to decide on making a strategic acquisition, developing key relationships or where to focus your growth. We can help you define where the most value lies and set you on the path to achieving your strategic goals.

Services & Sectors

What is smarter dealmaking?

A deal is not just a deal. Every client’s needs and circumstances are unique. Our proven SMART dealmaking framework aligns everyone around clear objectives and delivers optimal outcomes. We think differently and work smarter to deliver win-win deals.

"FirstCapital stood out from all the others by demonstrating their understanding of buyers’ needs and focusing on how they would position our company for the best possible outcome, whereas some advisors gave the impression that we were simply one of a conveyor belt of businesses up for sale."

Julian Harris, founder, Smart421

"FirstCapital had the commitment and tenacity to manage a broadly based, international sale process for Multimap, dealing with the world’s top players in IT. They were thoroughly professional, adding value throughout a complex process, and on hand for support whenever we needed them. We are delighted with the result."

Sean Phelan, CEO, Multimap

"The quantity and quality of the offers were outstanding and confirmed our early impressions that FirstCapital had superior access to and understanding of strategic buyers."

Chris Harvey, CEO, Salmon

"FirstCapital managed to get the best deal for everyone because they were highly tenacious in pursuing all of the angles."

Anne Somers, CEO, ATGMedia

"I want to sell a business, the buyer I’ve entered into exclusivity with wants to buy it. So from there on in, it’s about managing the transaction. FirstCapital were very good at managing both sides of that process, they always looked after us as the client, but they also looked after the transaction and working towards the end result."

Paul Davidson, Partner, West Coast Capital

Our Approach

Smarter Thinking

  • Case Studies

    ClassForKids + Access | Case Study

    Nikki Th’ng, CEO of ClassForKids said “FirstCapital added value to every stage of this process. They were insightful in their positioning of the business, brought all the right global parties to the table, expertly supported...

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