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Our reputation is earned

FirstCapital is an independently owned investment bank which has been successfully providing mergers and acquisitions, private equity and growth capital advice to high growth technology companies since 1999. With offices in London and Silicon Valley, our portfolio of clients has rapidly expanded alongside our reputation for delivering exceptional deals based on industry knowledge; insightful advice; an extensive global network; and a tried and tested SMART dealmaking process.

“Every day I get to meet people who inspire me. The founders and CEOs of the businesses we work with – they’re developing new markets, new products, they have a vision to change the world. And we’re there to help them achieve those dreams. I love that at FirstCapital, we make a material difference that helps things happen”

-Hazel Moore, Chairman and co-founder of FirstCapital

  • Global Connections

    We have unprecedented access to US buyers; we know what they are looking for and how to get your company bought not sold.

  • Clear Thinking

    With a keen eye for technology trends and a deep understanding of the markets, we see opportunities that others do not.

  • Smarter Dealmaking

    We have created a strategic framework to dealmaking that ensures everybody walks away from the deal feeling they’ve won.

  • Experience Counts

    To make the smartest deals you need access to the smartest dealmakers. With years of experience and finely honed negotiation skills, we know how to drive a successful deal everytime.


They’re strategic, they’re financial and most importantly when you’re trying to close a deal, they’re tenacious. FirstCapital’s deal making framework is so effective because they’ve invested a lot of time and effort into the corporate companies in Silicon Valley and private equity firms in the UK, where the potential buyers and investors are. They also take a very strategic view of your company, of my company and challenge the thinking that we do.

Bob Mann - Chairman and CEO – Relayware
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