Thought Leadership

How Smarter Connections Lead to Smarter Deals

27th October 2016

In this day and age, where it is easy to build networks using online tools based on just a mouse click, FirstCapital believes that a digital connection to an individual is not a substitute for a meaningful professional relationship.

Gaining access to senior decision-makers in the technology sector is about making the right connections on a global basis, and being relevant.

Since 1999, FirstCapital’s  dealmakers have been building their relationships with corporate buyers, decision makers and influencers, from London to Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Silicon Valley, Tokyo and beyond, making an incomparable network of global connections.

Build a network by building trust

Building a network of true value requires investing time to build trust. It’s not about the quantity of communication. It’s about the quality. There is no substitute for personal relationships. Real connections are built face to face, and real insight comes from talking to people, not from clicking on a connection or reading a research piece.

Clients and prospects often say that what differentiates FirstCapital is not only great access to the buyers they need to reach, but also its insight into the markets and its ability to make connections that may not be obvious.

Download our whitepaper and read on to discover how FirstCapital’s smarter connections lead to smarter deals.


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