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NetDespatch + Royal Mail Deal

12th February 2016

I am proud to say that FirstCapital has once again delivered a win-win deal that brings together NetDespatch with Royal Mail.

This acquisition will see NetDespatch expand globally and will provide Royal Mail with advanced cloud-based ecommerce and parcel delivery solutions for a global customer base. Our understanding of the business and NetDespatch’s innovative SaaS platform allowed us to identify their place in the market early. The strong rationale to approach Royal Mail was also clear from an early stage in the process; we could instantly see that this would be a strategically important deal for both parties.

This deal was a great example of the need for old economy businesses to acquire new technology, by combining Royal Mail’s pre-eminent delivery process with NetDespatch’s innovative SaaS platform and giving the nation’s largest delivery service a deploy ecommerce technology to transform the business. When I spoke to Matt Clark, Co-Founder and CTO of NetDespatch, it was clear that both saw the deal as an innovative opportunity to grow both businesses. Matt Clark also expressed his satisfaction with FirstCapital’s SMART dealmaking process, “FirstCapital was exceptional in the way they made the right connections for us. Their SMART framework allowed them to drive the deal at every stage and they have an outstanding knowledge of the market.” Jason Purcell, CEO of FirstCapital