Hazel Moore’s interview with Silicon Republic

4th July 2016

FirstCapital’s Hazel Moore: ‘Female tech founders don’t fit VC expectations’ Fantastic women running potentially great start-ups are struggling to get air time with investors because they don’t fit the model of what the predominantly male venture capital community expect, Hazel Moore, Chairman and Co-Founder of investment bank FirstCapital, has warned.

With less than 5% of venture capital going to women CEOs and only 7% of partners at global venture firms being women, it is no exaggeration to suggest that Silicon Valley and the broader tech world has a problem. For Hazel Moore – Co-Founder and Chairman of FirstCapital, an investment bank based in London and Silicon Valley that advises tech firms on mergers, acquisitions and private equity – such statistics are nothing short of disappointing.

But the real disappointment is first-hand; it is the lack of representation of women leaders in the tech companies she meets in the course of her job.

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