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What our co-workers say

  • Alastair Church

    Alastair Church


    "FirstCapital has been fantastic in supporting me through professional qualifications. I am constantly encouraged to stretch myself and to break my comfort zones in my career development."

  • Sheana O’Sullivan

    Sheana O’Sullivan

    Managing Director, Head of US

    “I enjoy bringing companies together to create synergistic partnerships. I love the energy, co-operation and joint vision when companies partner to achieve extraordinary results. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships is what it’s all about to me and that’s why I joined the FirstCapital team."

  • Nuno Barros

    Nuno Barros


    “FirstCapital is unique in that we truly work as a team committed to deliver the best outcome for our client. For any assignment we will always consider the best fit in terms of resources and capabilities within our team, regardless of their level of seniority or any ego considerations. It is amazing to be part of such a talented team".

  • Saina Kieft

    Saina Kieft

    Administrative Assistant

    “Every day is different and it’s a constant adventure. I am able to develop my skills and I feel truly valued and supported by my colleagues.”

  • Hugo Dias

    Hugo Dias

    Vice President

    “FirstCapital strikes the right balance between technical excellence and superb teamwork which is why our clients are so happy with our service. The close contact juniors have with clients makes it a great place to learn a lot in a short period of time and being exposed to the tech sector, which is both interesting and high growth, makes it a no brainer."

  • Ejirie Otuguor

    Ejirie Otuguor


    “The open and inclusive culture is what makes FirstCapital special. You are given opportunities and responsibility from very early on whilst being supported by an excellent team. Senior management actively encourages juniors to pursue the areas in technology that interest them which helps the team provide value added solutions to clients.”