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We are immersed in the technology sector – supporting high growth companies and capturing strategic value.

The technology sector is a hugely dynamic, fast-developing environment – and we sit right at its heart.

Years of experience, matched with a genuine interest in technology, means we’re well placed to help high-growth companies take their business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to access new resources to grow, an acquisition to speed up your development, or provide an exit to shareholders, we can help.


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Technology has transformed the way we all do business today. IT infrastructure is moving from inflexible legacy systems towards agile, responsive, feature-led applications delivered on a usage-based model via the cloud. Software solutions are increasingly accessed via multiple devices, by a remote or mobile workforce, or to service a diverse and discerning customer base. This is driving M&A at a pace as software companies strive to adapt their product portfolio and explore innovative solutions to grow their offering and bring new products to market.

The proliferation of connected devices and the explosion of data are creating huge challenges; and by nature great opportunities for businesses. Issues such as security, interoperability, intelligence, personalisation, predictive capability and timely decision making are all key areas of growth in this space right now and in the future.

The rise of the cloud and mobile communication continues to have a profound impact across the technology landscape. Consumers demand access to products and services on multiple devices, at any time, across a multitude of channels, with an easy to use, intuitive interface with high levels of social connectivity. This is driving fundamental changes across all industries, from retail, financial services, media, utilities, healthcare, transportation and others and is radically changing how consumers source, consume and pay for goods and services. New business models, new services and changing consumer habits will continue to drive rapid change, and create both opportunity and disruption.

Technology is transforming markets and by embracing this we can create fresh opportunities for growth. Whether that means approaching a traditional industry in a new way, for example Uber in taxi service; or developing new business models to disrupt established sectors, like Airbnb in travel accommodation.

The digital arms of agencies and consultancies are growing fast as they support clients trying to respond to this wave of disruption across the media industry and retail sector.

With the rise of cloud based services the whole market is moving to an “As A Service” model. The high recurring nature of these services is attracting private equity firms who are supporting consolidation and enabling broader product offerings to be delivered.

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