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Our Approach

Smarter thinking

We want to change the way companies approach dealmaking. Doing a deal is not just about dealing with the basic challenges of preparation, pitching and close. It’s about understanding value, delivering on strategic imperatives and achieving your ambition.

Our process has been honed over the years to provide clear and consistent stages. Each stage is designed to optimise value and build demand at every point in the deal. It’s not so much a formula as a flexible framework, which allows us to meet your long-term commercial and corporate objectives.

Identifying value, communicating opportunity, building demand and bringing together the right people. Our SMART dealmaking framework results in more clarity, more focus, more fruitful negotiations and, ultimately, more successful deals.



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Latest Deals

  • DesignMyNight acquired by the Access Group
  • Teachers2Parents acquired by Education Brands
  • NetDespatch acquired by Royal Mail Group
  • eCommera acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network
  • Neoworks acquired by WPP Salmon
  • ATGMedia acquired by ECI
  • Strategic M&A advice to Visa Europe
  • Marketmaker4 acquired by Xchanging
  • Growth capital for Relayware from Albion Ventures
  • Valueworks acquired by HgCapital
  • Everybody’s got to gain out of a deal; Smarter dealmaking means there is something in it for everybody all the way through and everybody walks away from it thinking they’ve won.

    Paul Davidson – Partner – West Coast Capital

  • FirstCapital’s ability to connect with the right buyers was excellent, we were after media buyers and we got interest from the five biggest buyers in the world. Along with private equity and a number of IT buyers.

    Chris Harvey - CEO – Salmon

  • FirstCapital’s framework is so effective because they spend a huge amount of time getting to understand the business that they’re about to take to market. They came to our board meetings for nine months prior to pushing the go button on the deal.

    Anne Somers - CEO - ATGMedia

The SMART Dealmaking Framework. Structured for success


Strategic Insight

Smarter deals don’t just happen. The best exits start with clear strategic thinking well ahead of pushing the button on a transaction.

At the start we sit down with you and all your stakeholders to make sure everyone is aligned on objectives. We’ll dive deep into your strategy and work this through with you in detail.

In working out the best plan for exit you need to know what others in your market are thinking. This means understanding how the market is changing, aligning your business strategy, knowing your potential buyers or investors, making sure they know you and understanding how you add value. This can mean thinking outside the box and even changing the way you position your business.

Our extensive knowledge of, and regular dialogue with, the buyer community means that we provide insightful and trusted advice to ensure you’re positioned for optimal success.


Once you’re ready to start a process we help prepare all the necessary documentation to ensure we keep it tight and effective.

At this stage preparation is key. We’ll help you document your vision and business objectives into a clear and compelling format. Typically this involves a teaser, a management presentation, an information memorandum and a financial model.

You want to market yourself to the right people in the right way and to be ready to respond rapidly to follow-up questions to keep momentum high. You only get one chance to make a first impression so time invested at this stage will reap dividends later.


Get in front of senior decision makers fast and know what’s going to make them sit up and take notice.

At FirstCapital, we’ve invested over 16 years in building and developing our relationships in the buyer and investor community. We’re in regular dialogue with senior decision makers with contacts at board level on a global scale. Using our insight into their priorities we’ll help you select the right parties to access and we’ll work with you to tailor your messages to their needs.

We’ll get you in front of the people you need to meet and we’ll help you perform at your best at every opportunity. We’ll support you throughout the marketing process with timely interventions to make sure the deal stays on track, and we’ll build the momentum throughout the process.

Rigorous Negotiation

The highest price is not always the best deal. Finding the winning outcome is a complex process dependent on how all elements of the deal structure interact.

Generating multiple motivated bidders is the single biggest factor in improving a deal. Our experience in navigating the decision-making ensures the buyers come to the table at the right time, motivated to make you their best offer. We can negotiate on your behalf, or if preferred we will support you in your negotiations. We evaluate all offers and use our collective experience and extensive knowledge of current practice to enable you to maximise the outcome and agree the best possible deal.

Transaction Close

When is a deal really “done”? At FirstCapital, we’re experts at taking the winning bidder through to transaction close as quickly as possible.

Even with a deal agreed in principle, it’s still too early to celebrate. With so many people and so many hurdles involved every stage must be considered and every phase completed diligently to ensure you achieve the best possible result.

Our project management process is tailored to each client and has been developed over years of experience, resulting in the best outcome for buyer and seller alike.

Thanks to close relationships with the trade and private equity buyers alongside our in-depth understanding of their deal requirements and approval processes, we’re able to seamlessly navigate deals through to completion. By coordinating all parties including legal, tax and accounting and other professionals we will successfully manage your deal through to close.

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