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How Smarter Connections Lead to Smarter Deals

In this day and age, where it is easy to build networks using online tools based on just a mouse click, FirstCapital believes that a digital connection to an individual is not a substitute for a meaningful professional relationship. Gaining access to senior decision-makers in the technology sector is about making the right connections on […]

Timing your exit – do you decide or does the market decide?

There is often much debate around the boardroom table about the optimal time to exit. Do you decide, or does the market decide? For technology businesses, particularly those with innovative solutions in a new and growing market, timing of a sale usually comes down to key points in the company’s lifecycle, combined with the external […]

FirstCapital’s Fintech Report – Prepare for a wave of M&A

FirstCapital’s fintech report looks at how the financial services ecosystem is experiencing dramatic change, driven by disruptive fintech models backed by rising levels of venture capital, and by increasing activity from the internet majors leveraging their brand and reach to enter the markets. Banks have been slow to react, but we expect an acceleration in M&A […]

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